Hostellerie Belle Vue

Protected both by its distance from the frenzied daily life and its closeness to a bower of serenity, the Bellevue Hostelery in Obersteigen shelters behind a vast rampart of tangled forests and pink sandstone massifs. It is in this romantic setting that for three generations the Urbaniak family has provided welcome, comfort and good food. Fitted out with all modern, comforts, furnished and decorated in different styles and colours, the spacious and personalised rooms offer spectacular views of the natural surroundings. Down to earth regional cooking, whether the simplest dishes or haute cuisine. At breakfast, an aperitif in the bar or in the Alsacian dining room, the convivial atmosphere is always retained by a team caring for the guests well-being. The restaurant is suitable for intimate or group dinners and family parties. The Bellevue Hotel induces rest and relaxation. You have a great choice of pastoral wailks in the surronding mountains, skeet hours of relaxation by the open air swimming pool, tennis or horse riding, exercices in the gymnastic room according to each one's level and baths and sauna.